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We believe that automation will redefine the commercial transport solutions that most of us rely on every day.
Automation will create real-life benefits for both our customers and the society in terms of productivity, safety, energy and fuel efficiency.

Since the ideal automation level is determined by its added value for customers and society, Volvo Group will introduce automated applications gradually over time.

The future of autonomous transports

Martin Lundstedt, President & CEO Volvo Group, and Jensen Huang, NVIDIA founder and CEO, signing a partnership contract

Volvo Group partners with NVIDIA

The Volvo Group has signed an agreement with NVIDIA to jointly develop the decision making system of autonomous commercial vehicles and machines. Utilizing NVIDIA’s end-to-end artificial intelligence platform for training, simulation and in-vehicle computing, the resulting system is designed to safely handle fully autonomous driving on public roads and highways.

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A red automated Volvo truck part of Volvo Group's first autonomous commercial solution in a lime stone pit mine in Norway,

The first autonomous commercial solution

Volvo Trucks has signed a landmark agreement with Br?nn?y Kalk AS in Norway to provide its first commercial autonomous solution transporting limestone from an open pit mine to a nearby port.
The solution consists of limestone being transported by six autonomous Volvo FH trucks on a five kilometer stretch through tunnels between the mine itself and the crusher.

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A Volvo truck with the system Vera, who coordinates electric and autonomous vehicles

Ground-breaking innovations

Vera is a system in which autonomous electric vehicles are coordinated to ensure as efficient, and safe goods transport as possible, as well as a new electric compact wheel loader concept.

The system is intended for use within areas characterised by short distances, large cargo volumes and high delivery precision, for example between logistic hubs.


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Volvo Group's first completely autonomous truck

Our first completely autonomous truck

The self-driving FMX truck is part of a research and development project involving autonomous vehicles, intended to create greater business advantages for customers, mainly in the mining industry.

The research project is a cooperative venture in which we and Saab – through its wholly owned technology consulting company Combitech – are partnering to develop a fully autonomous transport system solution.

Volvo construction equipment worker and Skanska worker with their arms around each other giving the thumbs up

World’s first ‘emission-free’ quarry

Today Volvo Construction Equipment and its customer Skanska began testing the viability of its Electric Site concept. The system, which incorporates electric and autonomous Volvo machines, will run in a real production environment for 10 weeks – delivering an anticipated 95% reduction in carbon emissions and 25% reduction in total cost of operations.

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Autonomous Volvo truck for hub-to-hub transportations

Truck for hub-to-hub transportations

The self-driving truck, driving autonomously from one hub to another, is part of a development project exploring how automation can contribute to increased productivity, enhanced safety and lower environmental impact.

Autonomous solutions bring benefits and serve the needs of both the customer and of society

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Advantages with Automation

Optimization of traffic flow

Reduction of fuel consumption

Road safety improvements

Voices on Automation

Robert Laxing - Manager of one of Volvo Group's development labs working with automation

Volvo drives the development of automation forward

Development in automation moves fast and the technical limits are few.

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Henrik Kaijser - Technology Specialist in AI at Volvo Group

AI hits the road

Henrik Kaijser is Technology Specialist in AI and Machine Learning at CampX by Volvo Group.?Find out what Henrik likes the most about AI and autonomous vehicles.

Oscar Petersson - CEO of Annotell

How to train a vehicle

Oscar Petersson is CEO of Annotell, one of Volvo’s partners at CampX.?Find out how Oscar and his team use AI to train vehicles to become increasingly ’smart’

News around the world

Volvo Autonomous Hauler wins Red Dot award

The TA15 – part of the TARA autonomous transport solution from Volvo Autonomous Solutions – has won a coveted Red Dot Award for product design? – the most globally-recognized mark for industrial design quality.


Nils Jaeger appointed President Volvo Autonomous Solutions

Nils Jaeger, currently President Region EMEA, Volvo Financial Services, has been appointed President of the new Volvo Group business area Volvo Autonomous Solutions. He will report to the Volvo Group President and CEO Martin Lundstedt and be a member ...

Volvo Group Venture Capital invests in Autotech Ventures

Volvo Group Venture Capital AB has invested in Autotech Ventures - a leading American venture capital fund focusing on start-ups in the ground transportation sector.


Levels of Automation

5 levels of automation

Various solutions will be required depending on the degree of automation that is sought and the complexity of the situation where the transport solution is to operate.

Driver only:?Driver is fully engaged all the time.

Assisted:?Automation of individual function, driver fully engaged – Driver may be “feet off” e.g. when using cruise control.

Partial Automation:?Automated of multiple functions, driver fully engaged – Driver may be both “feet off” and “hands off”, but eyes must stay on the road.

Conditional Automation:?Automation of multiple functions, driver responds to a request to intervene – Driver may be “feet off”, “hands off” and “eyes off”, but must be able to resume control quickly.

High Automation:?Automated in certain conditions, driver not expected to monitor road – Driver has no responsibility during automated mode.

Full Automation:?Situation independent automated driving – Driver has no responsibility during driving.

The fully automated and electric truck Vera
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