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Health and Workplace Wellbeing

At Volvo Group, we are a family of almost 100,000 people. Of course, we all have commitments outside the job – families, homes and other activities that we enjoy and care for. We are parents, children, partners, friends and teammates. It is important to make sure that we all get home to our families and communities safely every day.

Without employee wellbeing, the Volvo Group family is weakened. The health of our employees matters to us, which is why health and workplace safety issues are given top priority at Volvo Group. All our operations follow safety regulations – that is a given. We also look after each other, aiming to create environments where all of us are able to perform and feel fully dedicated.?

Workplace wellbeing is about feeling safe, both physically and mentally. It is also about being able to?grow, learn and feeling motivated by inspiring assignments. It is about having clear roles and expectations – and last but not least about having fun at work.

Caring and being cared for is an important part of our culture. That mentality is what makes the Volvo Group family strong and capable of continued success. We offer a wide range of measures to ensure that our family of employees stays healthy and feels cared for.

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Employee Safety

At Volvo Group, we never compromise on workplace safety and we always avoid any behavior that puts employee safety at risk. All our operations are governed by safety standards. We work with proven methods that strengthen our teams, in pursuit of a zero-accident rate. Everyone in our organization has the right and responsibility to raise issues that improve workplace safety – it is a key element of employee wellbeing.

Our injury rate statistics are generally falling. Each year, there are around 30 factories without accidents. All our brands and business areas have accident and injury improvement targets. Until we reach a zero-accident rate, there is always more to be done to improve employee wellbeing.

Mental health

Mental Health

Mental health needs attention and awareness. We believe that the cornerstones of healthy workplaces are clear roles and expectations, enough time to carry out tasks, appropriate work environments, and support.?

According to the World Health Organization, one out of four people suffer from a mental health issue today, which includes overstress, depression, burnout and suicide. At Volvo Group, we offer a wide range of support measures in order to identify warning signs and prevent factors leading to excessive stress – from apps and training videos to face-to-face sessions with psychologists and occupational therapists. Improved mental health at work leads to higher performance, trust between individuals and within teams, and high engagement.

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Work Life Balance

Working for Volvo Group should be fun – that is actually one of our core values. We strongly believe that employees should be in charge of their own work and their individual needs.

We offer a range of programs that make the challenge of combining work and private life easier. Some facilities offer childcare, others offer concierge services to help out with time-consuming private matters. Where possible, working from home is another option that helps achieve a good work life balance.

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Activity Based Working

The physical environment greatly contributes to healthy work and performance. At Volvo Group many of our locations offer an activity base work environment where everyone can move around to the most suitable spot to work depending on the moment of the day and the task at hand ranging from conducting a skype call, a group meeting, an informal discussion, a high concentration activity or a coffee break. Feeling “at home” in our offices and workshops is essential to feeling proud and happy at work.

Volvo Group India employees at a running event

Healthy Activities

Volvo Group promotes a healthy lifestyle and offers information about sleep, food and exercise through webinars and on-site lectures. On most of our campuses, employees have the chance to exercise or take yoga, relaxation and mindfulness classes. We acknowledge the benefits of exercise – both mentally and physically – and actively encourage our employees to participate.

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Caring For Each Other

We believe that taking care of each other is a prerequisite for performing in a workplace. Employee wellbeing is – and have always been – essential to our success. When everyone is respected for their talent, personality, culture, background and ambition, we can achieve more and continuously exceed expectations.

We have a responsibility to be aware of what is happening around us. Does your colleague need a helping hand, or a friend who listens? We take a second look – if someone is sitting alone, we sit down and ask if there is something we can do.

Martin Lundstedt, CEO at Volvo Group


“The promise that we should give to each other is that the main priority regardless of what we are doing, is putting everything we can do in focus to bring colleagues and partners in our operation home safely to their families and friends. Because that is being a great company.”

Martin Lundstedt, CEO Volvo Group

When we achieve a sense of workplace wellbeing, in a trusting and inclusive environment, we enjoy participating. Do you also want to participate?

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Traffic Safety at Volvo Group

Traffic Safety

Traffic Safety has been at the heart of what we do since Volvo Group was founded over 90 years ago, and it is an equally vital part of our future of driving prosperity through transport solutions.

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Our Culture

Our people make up our strong culture. We are prepared to work hard?to make a difference for real?from within. Our voice is heard and our ideas matter.?

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The choices we make today define the world we live in tomorrow. Climate change, population growth and increasing urbanization are shifting the landscape and expectations on transport and infrastructure. In all we do, we need to consider how to reduce climate impact, use the world’s resources and conduct business responsibly. Our sustainability approach is divided into three areas: Climate, Resources and People.

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