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Volvo Group Graduate Programs

With major technological paradigm shifts ahead, there have never been more exciting times working with transport solutions. That’s what makes the transportation business in general and the Volvo Group in particular a perfect springboard to a fresh talent’s career.

Whether your heart beats for engineering, IT or logistics, our three Volvo global graduate programs are tailored to meet your needs and designed to make you excel.

Your ambition to grow – professionally and personally – is what makes our company prosper. And as a truly global organization we offer you a world of career development opportunities to explore!?

Every year, we welcome 100+ graduates. This year is however an extraordinary time. The Covid-19 situation has created a lot of uncertainty and like many other organizations, we have adapted our activity to protect our employees and business. The recruitment for all 2020 - 2021 Graduate Programs have been put on hold. Until the world is back on track, feel free to browse these pages to get to know us and discover which program would suit you best in the future.

Which global graduate program suits you best?

Volvo Group driver in the driving seat of a blue Volvo truck looking back through the rolled down window

Engineering Graduate Program

Are you passionate about complex engineering projects and eager to use your technical skills to solve real business problems and drive innovation? Then this program will kick-start your career.

From day one, you will be part of our global product development team, work with our experts and develop as an engineer in cutting-edge technologies. Our inspiring projects, innovative products and diverse workforce will serve as a great platform to start your career. You will get to use your engagement and creativity to design, test and develop the next generation of products and services for customers all over the world.

Engineering Graduate Program
Two individuals from the Volvo Group Operations Graduate Program standing next to each other in a Volvo manufactory

Operations Graduate Program

Is developing the next generation of production plants your ideal challenge? Do you want to influence the future in the global exchange of goods, service and information? Then this is an excellent start to your career in manufacturing and logistics.

During 15 intense and exciting months, the Operations Graduate Program will give you a holistic view of our manufacturing and logistics organization and activities, with both a local and global perspective. You will get to know our different brands and their plants and learn about lean manufacturing. You will be working with the manufacturing technologies of tomorrow, building the products of the future – electric, connected and automated. In parallel, you will grow as a person, through individual and team development sessions.

Operations Graduate Program
Individual from the Volvo Group IT graduate program at a Volvo establishment

IT Graduate Program

Are connectivity, electrification and digitalization concepts that trigger your imagination? Would you like to be in the epicentre of IT development and help create the business of tomorrow? If so, this program will give you a great foundation for your future career.

Here, you will get to work together with some of the brightest and most creative people in the Information Technology field. You will deep dive into the organization, alongside some 6000 people, that are responsible for managing, sourcing and delivering IT Solutions and Services - a global team of professionals dedicated to delivering the highest value.

IT Graduate Program

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Carin, Engineer Graduate, taking a selfie with Divya, a Group Manager & Software Architect at Volvo Group

Volvo Graduate Program Application and Recruitment Process


We have an agile selection process, which means we will contact candidates throughout the whole advertising period.

First selection

If you are selected for the next step, you will be invited to a web-based interview.

Personal interview

A number of candidates will be interviewed by the hiring manager and an HR representative.


Final candidates will be invited to a competency based interview, conduct a personality questionaire and some ability tests.


Selected candidate will be offered the permanent position and start after summer. First common week will take place in Sweden.

FAQ Volvo Group Graduate Programs

The specific base and role that you will fulfill is specified in the job posting you have applied to.

Graduates have the final say regarding what kind of assignments, projects or job rotation they will be involved in. We want our graduates to communicate and share where they see themselves develop ; at the same time we encourage discussions between the graduates and their own manager. Managers are here to support our graduates’ growth in the area of expertise that they would like to develop and they will propose assignments, job rotations or projects that would benefit each graduate.

You will have the common weeks split up in different modules during the year. You will also make an individual plan for the year with your manager that might include studying visits, job rotations/experiences, local and global projects, job shadowing, business travels to other locations and countries.

These are very rich and memorable weeks. You will grow through personal development, networking and teambuilding, business and customer insights, discussions on culture, global awareness and CSR, and sessions on innovation and emerging technologies.

You will be working in global projects with your graduate peers during the year and you will have a chance to meet as a graduate community through networking on site, after-works and dinners. After the graduate program is completed, you will be involved as a graduate ambassador in presentation sessions for the current graduates on your site and also become a graduate buddy.

International opportunities will vary depending on the graduate program you are part of. These opportunities may include international assignments, international projects, as well as international visits.? Volvo Group is a global company so you will get the chance to work with many people around the globe.

The amount of travel will vary depending on the graduate program – engineering, IT or operations - and your role.? This travel could vary from domestic to international and you might be away from a couple days or a week, up to a few months at a time during the program period.?

You will have your appointed manager and a dedicated mentor during or straight after the program. You will also find valuable support from your colleagues, the network of your peer graduates, a former graduate as a buddy and the manager of your graduate program.

Absolutely! Since this is a long term relation you will be hired as an employee from day one.

After the program ends, you will continue in the department where you are hired. If you would like to change departments or roles this is something to discuss with your manager. We are a company with countless global opportunities. We invest in the growth of our people and support internal mobility. Every year, many positions open up for our employees to apply to and drive their career forward.

Our educational requirements are specified in each job posting. When it comes to personality, we are looking for curious, open minded, driven and engaged people to make up the future generation of Volvo Group. We are not looking for a “pre-set boxed person”; on the contrary we value your own uniqueness. If you think you have the passion to shape tomorrow’s society together with us, we might be a great match!

Yes, you are welcome to apply on all positions offered within the engineering, the IT and the operations graduate programs as well as any other open position you find to be a good match for you.

We welcome students with bachelor degree, although it is preferred that you hold a master’s degree.?

Yes. We are a truly global company and English is our official business language.

No. The Volvo Group Graduate programs are a full time employment. You apply into a position that you hold from day one. You are a part of the program activities and a “full-blown” Volvo Group employee.

At the end of each Graduate Program, we ask participants what they liked most about their experience. This is what they say -

  • A real job with attractive salary and benefits
  • Working on real business challenges and top notch technologies
  • Training, job rotations and mentoring to develop my technical and soft skills
  • The feeling of being heard, trusted and appreciated by passionate colleagues
  • A passport to explore the world and to work with people from 130 nationalities
  • Insights in many roles, organizations and cultures to jump start my career
  • A fantastic network of contacts making me ready for the future
  • A chance to be part of projects that benefit society for real
  • Countless opportunities to become who I want to be
  • Serious fun and potentially friends for life!